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Our Services

Reception/Front Desk

A receptionist is a very important key position in the office. Therefore, our receptionists are very friendly, courteous, and professional individuals.

Deed Restriction Enforcement
Our deed restriction department assists the property manger with inspections, phone calls and architectural control application processing. Our staff members are knowledgeable, well organized, understanding and have calm personalities. We provide SmartViolations, through SmartWebs, a GPS navigated program which allows for more efficient, accountable, and accessible deed restriction enforcement.


It is elementary that if money is not collected, the association's obligations of repair and upkeep can not be fulfilled. The association documents are researched and board policies are adopted to ensure the collection policy is allowable and suitable for the association and in accordance with the State of Texas. Our company interacts with several legal firms to achieve the collection of assessments. We constantly strive to improve the communication procedures with each firm to ensure quality and timely performance. 


Our accounting department prepared the monthly financial statements on an accrual basis, which includes all receipts and disbursements, and reflects net changes, gain or loss, cash on hand and reserve accounts. This statement also reflects the delinquencies in maintenance fund collections. We assist with the preparation of an annual audit by an independent CPA.

Maintenance/Property Coordinator

​We direct all maintenance request calls to this department where information is input into a database program. This department is kept informed of policies each association may have in regard to the maintenance of the association and vendors to be used. The department maintains tickler lists for vendors which describes communication information, proper insurance coverage and tax information needed for the mailing of 1099's. The Property Coordinator schedules the rental of association's pools and clubhouses.

Property Manager

Each property manager is responsible for preparing monthly managers reports, attending regularly scheduled board of directors meetings, assist in taking minutes of meetings, (if requested) aiding in the preparation and and attending the annual owners meetings, obtaining proposals for insurance coverage required by the association documents, drafting annual budgets, supervision of capital improvements, repairs, and contract services, and performing property inspections according to the policies of the board and association contract. The property manager is responsible for the overall management of the association.